Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Resolution Part 1

         I hope everyone has a happy, healthy and prosperous 2012 and they stick to their New Year’s resolutions until their goals are reached. Mine is to lose this belly this acquired over the holidays. Not an easy task for a quadriplegic who can’t do stomach exercises or go walking for aerobic exercise. But not impossible either. And I will tell you all my secrets to rid yourselves of that dreaded and loathed “quad belly”.

         First and foremost, stop eating the goodies. The time for pies, cookies, cake and ice cream has long since passed and now you too must pass on desert unless it’s a fruit cup or yogurt or protein bar. I realize this takes will power I have to use it myself and it’s not easy. But the rewards greatly outweigh whatever you are giving up. Besides, if start an exercise routine then you can eat a sweet treat once in a while, your bowels will move better and your mind will benefit from the endorphins released while exercising. Another easy way to lose weight is simply drink water instead of pop or other sugary drinks including alcohol. Drink water all day, it will cleanse your body’s organs, flush out toxins and fat, and actually help you get rid of excess water weight.

         Yes, I’m guilty of overindulging during the holidays, but I do these things EVERYDAY. So imagine how much more than 7 or 8 lbs I could have packed on. My only nemesis is Eric, who is constantly buying me treats to eat. I still haven’t figured out why he so wants to sabotage my figure.

(to be continued)

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