Friday, March 18, 2011

Bowel Routine Part 1

         Some may find the next subject distasteful, but it is a crucial part of any spinal cord injured person’s routine. The area I will be discussing is so subjective and completely personalized that I will simply be talking my routine and how, why, and to what extent it works for ME. I will share my tips, time saving tricks and ways to be more comfortable and clean. Including tips on how to eliminate accidents, speed up a sluggish metabolism and go when YOU want to go. So let’s talk about my bowel routine.
         I move my bowels every other day. But I’m treating and caring for my bowels every day. Since I take narcotics for pain, I often had trouble with hard stools, constipation and incomplete bowel movements. So to counteract this I eat a diet rich in fibers, (soluble AND insoluble)I exercise EVERY DAY and I take herbal supplements instead of harsh laxatives to stimulate my bowels. Also, I am lucky enough to be prescribed a medication that helps to empty my stomach and aid in the digestion of my food. I also use a supplement after I eat called a multi-enzyme. It is formulated to help with digestion of all food groups and even helps your body use the micronutrients in the foods you eat.
 I get all my vitamins, mineral, herbals and supplements from one on line store called Puritan’s Pride. They also have a catalog which is how I began ordering from them. That’s how long I’ve used their products and would recommend them above all others. The cost of their products has only risen slightly over the years and the shipping is still only 4.95. There is one product I use that P. P. doesn’t sell. It’s called Colon Clenz ,manufactured by Golden Blend and costs around 10.00 for a small bottle and 20.00 for a large one. On the day I move my bowels, I take 2 tsp. Benefiber with my breakfast smoothie, ½ reglan after each meal and 1 colon clenz at around 6:00pm.
On the day before I do my bowel program, I take 2 tsp. Benefiber with my morning smoothie, 1 reglan after each meal, I colon clenz and I cascara sagrada between 2-3pm and again between 4-6pm. If I’ve had a lot of protein or my stools have been very hard I may add 1 TBS milk of magnesia. Then the next morning at around 10:00am I have my attendant insert 2 dulcolax suppositories into my rectum and then we stim my stomach muscles with the NMES machines or use a vibrator like one you might use on your back.
( to be continued)  

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  1. Hi Lori,
    I am also a writer and artist, and have spent most of my life doing it as a living. You are a glowing example of a concept I write about a lot - perspective. It is the only thing we truly have control over and allows us to go on no matter how tragic our disasters. I also teach people with mental disabilities, and in some cases, combined with physical disabilities. You, obviously, have remarkable mental abilities. I am very impressed by your strength of character and spirit. People like you are heroes.


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