Sunday, March 13, 2011

Skin, Bladder, and Bowel Routines Part 1

Now that I’ve told you my diet, herbal and exercise secrets, I suppose I could let in on my catheter, bowel routine and skin care tips, tricks and musts since these are also very essential parts of a healthy quad or paraplegic’s lifestyle.
One syndrome that is exclusive to those with an SCI is called autonomic dysreflexia. It happens primarily with T-6 injury or higher but can happen to anyone with a spinal cord injury or disease such as MS. There are three causes we like to call the three P’s: they are PAIN that can’t be felt because of little or no sensation, a bowel obstruction, full bowel or constipation (POOP), or a full bladder that is being blocked from being emptied due to a plugged catheter, a full leg or night bag, or a need to self catheterize (PEE). All of these situations let go too long will cause the blood pressure to rise to dangerous levels. High enough to cause a stroke or brain hemorrhage. So it is vital to find the cause and take care of it as quickly as possible.
When symptoms are an intense headache, profuse sweating above the level of injury, a red face, nasal stuffiness and blood pressure 40 mm Hg over baseline AD should be suspected.
(to be continued)

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