Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Vitamins, Herbs and Supplements Part 1

A while back I talked about my diet and included my vitamins, minerals, herbs and supplements in my post. I’d like to now elaborate on just what the health benefits of all these extra tablets, capsules and tinctures are and how they can make your life healthier, happier and freer from illness. There are even herbs that help women AND men SCI victims get their sex lives back on track! If that doesn’t interest you then I’m not the doing the job I set out to do!
I’ll start with my vitamins in the order in which I take them.
Morning Vits/Mins/Supps & Herbs  
·       Sublingual (under the tongue) Vitamin B complex – niacin, riboflavin, B-6, B-12, and pantothenic acid – one full dropper held under tongue for complete 60 seconds
1.  Great for natural “pick me up” instead of coffee or expensive energy drinks which contain the SAME vitamins in the SAME amounts or LESS!
2.  Also good for frayed nerves due to any type of stress but especially pain because it works on the same nerve endings as pain.
3.  Supports and INCREASES the rates of metabolism
4.  Maintains healthy skin and muscle tone
5.  Enhances immune and nervous system functions

·       Vitamin A (from 100% beta-carotene) – 10,000 I.U.

1.  Everyone knows you need it for healthy vision but you may not know Vitamin A is needed for:
2.  Healthy immune function
3. Bone metabolism
4.  Healthy skin
5. And it’s a great antioxidant and if nobody ever told you what that means let me explain. Your body has a finite number of bone marrow cells which are the basically the cells that make all your other cells like red blood cells, ect. Every once in awhile especially as we get older, your body produces a cell that’s not quite right it has been poisoned, rusted, oxidized. It can turn into Cancer if there’s no antioxidant to munch it!

(to be continued)

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