Thursday, December 29, 2011

Making Desicions and Overcoming Procrastination The End

         Making decisions is something we do all day everyday but sometimes an important choice come along and stops us in our tracks. For some inexplicable reason we get stuck and can’t make up our minds and we get all panicky, nervous, indecisive and afraid.  No matter what we do, we can’t summon the strength or determination to make that all important decision.

         The first question we must ask ourselves is what is it that we are afraid of? Is it the possible outcome of the decision? This is usually the culprit and we fear it because we fear the change it may bring. Many of us are afraid of change even if the outcome is better than the way things are now. But mostly our fear stems from dreading the unknown; even if our present circumstances are bad.

         Sooner or later we are going to have to face our fear and take risks in life. That is how the normal young adult learns and grows in self confidence. It doesn’t matter how old we are now, it’s never too late to make a positive change or adjustment in way of thinking, acting and reacting to life’s many changes and the many life altering decisions we will inevitably face. Remember what I tried to convey to you about positive thinking. Go back in the archives and read it again and practice the principles that worked so well for me. In the mean time, make the most important decision first and give yourself some credit for taking such a huge step. Or if this is just too overwhelming for you, make a series of smaller ones and with each triumph watch your confidence grow. Soon you will be ready to tackle the bigger decisions. But for goodness sake, don’t procrastinate. The longer you put it off the more bad things will happen in meantime and soon you will be buried in crap and back to square one.

         Whatever you do to finally get these major decisions made, the rewards you get will greatly outweigh any change that may or may not take place in your life. And any change that happens is probably for the best anyway and you will see the rewards not only to self esteem, worth, image and confidence, but in ways you cannot now even dream of or fathom.

Your friend,

Lori Ann           

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