Monday, January 27, 2014

Well, I’m finally back after a year and a half hiatus. A lot has happened and I must say I’m much worse for it. Eric, my fiancĂ©e, has become progressively more ill due to his neuropathy and I’m grieved to say has developed quite a drug habit

It’s been a downward spiral ever since. If he doesn’t take all his meds before his next refill, one of my employees steals them. We must lock them in the attic just to keep them safe which includes mine as well.

However, he will eventually steal all mine until I must go through withdrawal each and every month. Our bills are months behind and we barely have the things we need to survive.

I know that some of you will accuse me of being addict but God knows that I’m not and that’s enough. If I had use of my hands I’ve considered suicide on more than one occasion.

My mother died last April 23rd and I still have not come to piece with that. I’m getting a small inheritance of nine hundred dollars but I’d rather have mother back. She was 85 God please rest her weary soul. And my weary heart.

Amen and Lord have mercy..