Monday, March 21, 2011

Bowel Routine Part 2

I use the vibrator in the same way as an old yoga trick for sluggish bowels. After your attendant has placed the suppositories high up into your rectum, place the vibrator just inside your right hip, turn it on and keep moving it SLOWLY up the right side of your stomach until you get to your ribs. Then move it ever so slowly across the top of your tummy, leaving it sit where you can digitally feel stool in large intestine. Which runs all along the outside of your belly as shown.

Simply follow your large intestine with the vibrator for about 30 minutes. Make certain you are sitting on a blue pad! You know your body better than I do, it may only take you 10 minutes with the vibrator before you need to get out of bed and onto the potty chair. However, if you start to move your bowels BEFORE you have a chance to get on the pot, don’t panic! Simply have your attendant take the vibrator, lay you flat, roll you off the mess, clean you up and onto a clean blue pad until you can get out and on the potty chair.
After getting on the chair you will probably need the vibrator to complete your bowel movement and if you’re like me, you will need to be digitally stimulated at least once to ensure completion and no accidents. TIP: if you DO need stimmed tilt your potty chair forward as far as is comfortable. This will make sure your body releases ALL mucous and gas. For a sore bum I use Tucks pads and to freshen the little lady between showers I use Summer’s Eve wipes.

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