Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Making Desicions and Overcoming Procrastination P ART 1

Alright, that idea didn’t work out. It’s hard to believe that not one follower has a mind of his/her own to ask me a question. But if I must lead you all like sheep then so be it. My next topic will be about making decisions and overcoming procrastination.

        My best friend and attendant and facing one the most difficult decisions we face in our lives, whether or not to end a long term relationship she finally realizes is too unhealthy to be a part of. She told me what happened this morning with so much anguish on her face my heart went out to her. Her story brought back painful memories of my own. By the time she was finished with her story, I had relived my dark, agonizing experience and told Michelle if anyone could understand it would be me. She solemnly agreed.

To be continued

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  1. You mention about people who don't respond, nor take time to respond and go so far as to insult them, calling them "Sheep" I am surprised you would do so, being you also claim to do some major procrastination of your own. Yes, you had been dealt a bad deal. However, when people think back, and can be HONEST with themselves, they sometimes can accept it was their own actions that caused the problem. You also go on to mention about wishing to meet some random man from the net. Who by your own words you met on a sight for models. Did you ever stop to think this man is telling you what he feels you wish to hear based on your looks alone? Did you ever wonder that people LIE ALL THE TIME?? That this man could just be trying to get you away from a safe haven. You claim to love Eric, yet your own posts and actions say otherwise. It seem's you want Eric just to be there at your beck & call, to allow you to do as you wish, yet have no opinion of his own. It seem's you still feel sorry for yourself, and it blinds you to those around you and their own opinions/feelings. Sometimes I read your posts and think maybe you are starting to change, only to see a few post later your back to yourself. I wish you the best in life, but I also despise anyone, man or woman who CHEATS!! Even thinking of doing so makes me ill. How can you claim to love Eric yet want to meet, and possibly do more with this other person? Again, this Bruce man seen your photos on a model sight. Pictures that are quite revealing. In my opinion I think you should test this person. Look up, find a photo of an ugly, overweight woman. Email the picture to him with an apology stating you can no longer keep it from him, and that the photo you sent is what you really look like. See how he responds. Many men judge woman based on looks alone. Its a sad truth, but if a person see's an attractive woman, it makes them tell her anything, say anything to make her like them. Never forget, the internet allows people to be anyone they wish. For your own sake, and possibly your relationship I would suggest either cutting off all contact, or sending the picture of an ugly person claiming it what you look like for real. If this person is as good a person as you think, they will accept you as you are being they already claimed to Love you!! I mean you two have never met, may of spoken on the phone, but that about sums things up. Anyway, at time's I enjoy your blog, at others it fills me with anger. It seem's you are almost two people. One who appears caring, accepted their lot in life, and one with the willingness to not let you condition run your life. Then a few posts later, you insult others, talk about cheating, and talk about wanting to meet someone else. I ask this question in parting, if Eric's actions in cheating caused you so much pain, why if you honestly love him as you claim would you be willing to throw it all away for something that may just be a man with lies who in turn is trying to get you to meet him, based on looks alone. Yes, I am sure you had some good talks with this person. However, being male, I for one can say that at times I too would tell woman what I felt they wished to hear. An having access to your blog, you have given him much more to work with. I mean he could read your blog, pick a few subjects from it, and work on winning you over on those topics. At any rate, you seem to need someone to talk to. Someone with nothing to gain by your talks. Think about what I wrote.


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