Tuesday, December 13, 2011


      I feel as though I have no more advice to give you after everything I’ve written about. So, I’ve been thinking why don’t you shoot me some questions in the form of comments and I’ll answer them in the order I receive them?

      This way I won’t feel useless and obligated to write about something useless or just to hear myself vent and you will be getting some useful information again. I will feel better knowing that I am fulfilling my mission again. So how ‘bout it folks?

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  1. You'll be lucky to get feedback. I wrote a whole story on blog and know I had about 50 readers and never got feedback from a single one other than criticizm in the form of stopping readership when they didn't like a chapter. I would say that this your outlet - where you vent and present your frustrations. That, in itself is probably beneficial to you.


please feel free to be as open, honest, blunt, and real as think you need to when leaving your comment. any of you who can relate to any one of my issues or takes offense to something I've written I'd especially like to hear from. I'm sorry to say that any comments left anonymously will not be published whether positive or negative. however, i still appreciate the insight and value the opinion. Thanks, L.A.M.B.