Thursday, December 22, 2011

Making Desicions and Overcoming Procrastination P ART 2

       Sometimes making decisions can be so difficult that we keep putting it off indefinitely. And this can be devastating in some incidences, especially if you have an important decision to make. Sometimes just the thought of having to make up one’s mind is so stressful; that you may find yourself procrastinating until something bad or unforeseen happens. This may only reinforce your fear of decision making in the future thus creating a viscous cycle of not resolving problems and procrastinating for solutions.

       There is probably enough your mind that you really don’t need to add to another problem to your life. Then there are those of who are, for whatever reason, allergic to making phone calls. Sometimes an email just won’t do and you MUST speak to someone on the phone. But you are frozen with a fear you can’t put your finger on. You must find the strength deep within yourself to take care of these matters. Practice making calls with a friend present for moral support. Start small and work your way up to the more challenging tasks.

(to be continued)                                                     

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