Monday, October 17, 2011

My Birthday Present

My birthday is coming up AGAIN and boy is it true what gram used say,” The older you get, the faster time seems slip away…”. It seems as though I just had a birthday yesterday and here comes yet another year to add to my life. This year, however, I will finally be turning 40; a birthday year I’ve dreaded since turning 30. Being a model is a young woman’s game and it makes it that much more competitive. I feel more handicapped by my age than I do by from quadriplegia. I am getting a special gift though, a Rottweiler puppy or a tabby kitten, whichever I chose it will thrill me beyond belief. I will probably get a kitten because one of my two remaining cats, 12 year old Bilbo, is deathly afraid of dogs. One time, my sister came out for a visit with her young son and Labrador years before I became hurt. Well, Bilbo caught one look at that dog and climbed up a tree so far Eric had to get him down by climbing a ladder and rescuing him AFTER the dog went home with my sister! Hopefully he’ll take to a new kitten because I think that’s what I’m going to chose. I lost my dear Cochese, my 15 year old tabby, to a wasting illness last year and I’ve missed him so much.

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