Thursday, October 13, 2011

Internet Safety Online Dating Cites

So that’s when we’re tempted to try internet dating; at least I was. There are literally hundreds of thousands of sites, ready and willing to sign you up immediately. Promising to find you that perfect match, your long lost friend and soul mate. Of course it’s all free until a couple weeks later when you are asked for the membership fee. AFTER you’ve filled out the ten page questionnaire designed to match with the right mate, given ALL your personal information, including a bio, and uploaded at least one picture. Then you’re free to scan the website for potential partners.

       Some sites are generic, they’ll find you that one and only and others are specialized, Christian sites, naughty sites, sites for the handicapped. There are also messages, kisses, nudges, winks, hearts and a plethora of nonsensical and non verbal ways of communicating your interest in someone. It seems like a huge waste of time if you are not going to directly contact and talk to someone. Perhaps I just had bad experiences. Of course I never paid for a “full” membership, so I never got the little perks. Every time I tried to write a serious message, I’d get a “kiss” reply or some other non personal response.

       And the junk mail and notifications! I had literally hundreds of these and I don’t know about you but I get enough junk email. I guess everyone’s experience could be different and I have no idea what type of experience you’d have if you paid but I can’t see it being much different. Once again you must be careful with virus and adware. You’d better be certain of your antivirus program and perform regular maintenance on your computer. When it comes down to brass tacks the decision is yours but in my experience it’s a huge waste of time, a danger to your personal information and to your computer.

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