Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Internet Safety Part 2 Internet Dating

I know from personal experience the down side and dangers of internet dating web sites. I suppose everyone who is single, divorced or otherwise unencumbered, gets lonely. And when they do they would probably go out to club or a party and try to meet someone. Now I’m not saying that just because we’re disabled we can’t go out, it’s just a little more difficult for some of us due to the fact that we can’t drive anymore. Some of us are completely dependent on someone else to drive us around which not only makes things harder getting out but makes them awkward once out. Some of us actually need to be escorted by an attendant, depending on the severity of our disability. How awkward is that?

a.  My injury is C-6 incomplete and my hands are paralyzed. That’s the biggest inconvenience when you’re trying to get close to someone; it’s difficult to even hold someone’s hand and I need help feeding myself. Another embarrassing situation I have to contend with when thinking about dating. I certainly would need a understanding date and I wouldn’t necessarily want to go out with a devotee, that is if I could get him to go in the first place. So I hope you understand my, other’s and maybe your own dilemma.

(to be continued)

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