Saturday, August 27, 2011

Living With Yourself Part 2

        Alright then, once you’ve found some help that works in dealing with the emotional issues that keep you coming back time and time again to the you that’s psychologically crippled, mentally scrambled and socially paralyzed; for goodness sake keep at it and no matter how difficult it gets, remember how bad it can actually be.

        There are some things you can do each day and make them regular important habits until they are no more unfamiliar than brushing your teeth. They may feel very awkward and uncomfortable at first but keep at it. Each morning upon arising, look in your mirror and say to yourself, speaking aloud, “I am a good person and deserve the best that life has to offer.“ Start with this simple phrase and build upon it. Soon add other self affirmations until you are telling yourself five good things to your mirror image. Soon you this will become a habit, then just another part of your day. Remember there’s no sense telling yourself good things if you’re going to ruin each day by still putting yourself down. So THAT is a habit  you’ll have to break.                               

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