Friday, July 29, 2011

Relationships The End

Well, to sum things up, I would tell you that it’s very difficult to leave a bad relationship. No matter how unhealthy, unhappy or unproductive it may be.  But if you stick it out, get away from the codependent relationship you have with this partner, do whatever you have to do to break free from that bondage and live life on your own terms for awhile. At least long enough to get know yourself, REALLY know yourself.
       Do something you’ve always wanted to try. Learn to paint or play an instrument. Or if you’re not very artist take a computer programming class or take a course in a second language. There are also online courses in all these areas and more. If you don’t have the money and would like do one of these things just contact me, Eric finds so many programs left behind on the computers he buys for parts that we may just have your dream program sent anywhere in the U.S. for the cost of shipping and handling and a nice word about the company! ABSOLUTELY NO STRINGS ATTATCHED!!!
I realize it’s hard to believe that there are people in the world that would do something and not ask for anything in return but it’s true; If I have to get my staff to leave their honest opinions of us than I must. It really hurts me that NOT ONE individual volunteered a soul for our DisabiliKeys projects. We have two laptops fully refurbished and ready to go into the hands of a needy SCI victim so we’re taking them to the nearest Spinal Cord Injury hospital in Pgh, PA, at Mercy Hospital. It’s just too bad you, my friends, didn’t take me seriously…I certainly hope you will from now on.
Friendships are relationships as much as any other and sometimes the hardest to learn and to earn trust within. But if you use the same principles I’ve demonstrated for love relationships, they should help you make wiser choices in this area too. And remember, not everyone is bad bent on evil domination of your life or somehow trying to finesse you out of something, while a lot of people do hold these loathsome qualities there are always those few truly enlightened people that are loving, kind, giving and honest. Really, I know at least two.

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