Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Relationships Part 5

                    Once you feel you are truly ready then simply make yourself available again. You should be a happier, well grounded, confident, upbeat and self assured person. If you had taken enough time and did a thorough moral inventory on yourself and tried to honestly work on your personal defects then you should be ready to share your life with someone else. Good luck and do take it slow.
         I’m not a big fan of internet dating; however, lots of people meet this way and get to know each other online sometimes from very far distances and up meeting one another and fall in love. The problem with this kind of dating is that sometimes one or both parties isn’t completely honest with the other and a huge problem can arise from this kind of dating. I would ask for phone number right away and arrange a face to face meeting as soon as possible.
         This is the moment of truth. Will we fall for the same old bullshit or did we actually learn something about ourselves during those long months of soul searching? I would hope we learned something about ourselves and how we interact with opposite sex in a dangerous and unhealthy way. If you followed all of my suggestions you should be fine but always stay aware and if you feel you slipping backward into a dysfunctional way of interacting take big step back and reassess the situation.
         If things feel unfamiliar, you’re probably on the right track. When I met my Eric, he was the first man I didn’t fall instantly in love with. I even told him I would never love again because my heart belonged to another. He smiled and said he understood. Little did I know that he would woo me until I was truly, deeply, madly in love with him?
  (to be continued)                                                                                                   

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  1. Good advice, I sure wish I could follow it. If it ever comes down to him and I separating, it would definitely be a very long time, if ever, I ever decide to be with someone else.. Because through good and bad, you know where my heart is... :)


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