Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Employees - My Only Friends

          It never fails; with a sinking, nauseating, disillusioning feeling that starts in my throat and slowly but steadily makes its insidious way deep into the pit of my stomach. Sickening me and surprising every time with force that almost knocks me off my chair. What could I be referring to that could illicit such a response? The disloyalty, dishonesty or displaced trust causes me such emotional distress I cannot describe. I don’t know how much more generous, open-minded and supportive Eric and I could possibly be but we still can’t get our long time employees to be completely honest with us.
          Just this evening I thought I had made an inroad with an employee who I also consider to be my closet friend. We talked about a secret she was keeping for a long time which I already knew was untrue. I thought she told me the whole truth but later that night Eric told me some things that definitely proved my friend is still holding back. Why bother even trying if she’s just going to continue to lie. Unfortunately, it’s changed the way I feel about her. How can you completely trust someone who continues to keep secrets and cover lies?
(to be continued)

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  1. This post makes me sad.. I am sorry that you see me in that light, it hurts.. But love ya anyway Lori..


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