Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Procrastination The End

         Once you’ve put some order to your life, you will also have established several good habits in place of old worn self destructive behaviors. You should be feeling more confident, more in control and generally and overall happier and less anxious. If you are doing things with purpose and effort, you should have gradually graduated from a “to do” list to an all out journal or something along those lines. It would still contain all the things you need and want to get done that day, week or month however long a time frame you put on each item, but then it would include perhaps some short term goals, some positive things that have been happening for you and maybe some contacts of people that can help make your dream a reality.
         If your only short term goal was to break your terrible habit of procrastination then so be it, you’ve succeeded! Give yourself a pat on the back. Don’t allow anyone else to take the credit for your accomplishments, those days are over. Don’t let anyone belittle what you’ve achieved, that also is a thing of the past. And most importantly I believe, no negative self talk. Nothing upsets me more than to watch and hear a smart, funny, nice, and giving person put themselves down. STOP IT!!!  

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