Saturday, July 16, 2011


         Once you accomplish one item on your list, you will feel better about yourself, about your daily outlook out and about life in general. Even if it’s just a little bit, you will feel a sense of relief and pride that may be satisfactory for you that day or  you may want to go on to the next task just because it felt so good actually  getting something off that mountain that constantly looms over you threatening to bury you alive. However, one IS enough, so treat yourself with a piece of chocolate, a catnap or a small gift.
         Don’t quit, scratch off each item one by one and when you are finished with the big major items, go on to the not so urgent but still very important ones. Once again, write a “to do” list. Put them in order of importance. Start at the top of list and work your way down one item at a time, rewarding yourself each time you complete an a job.
         Soon or later that overwhelming feeling will leave, that fear of answering the telephone and the door will be gone and you will feel a sense of self worth and confidence you haven’t enjoyed in long, long time.

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