Saturday, June 25, 2011

Busy is Better I Suppose

        I apologize for not writing as regularly and as frequently lately but I’ve been fervently networking with model agencies and fashion designers for the disabled trying to find some modeling work.  I feel  it would help to boost my wounded psyche from a long, lonely and anxiety ridden year.
        I found a pretty cool website while looking through my Roll Models profile and competition. It’s called model mayhem and I submitted my profile and portfolio last night. It’s run by a woman who may have a disability and I say this with skepticism only because she makes it a point NOT to ask questions about her disability, why would she sit in a wheelchair if she had a choice? I’m thinking she may have MS but I certainly can’t know for sure only guess and she probably get’s off on that.
         I also wrote some long overdue emails, printed some new stim placement pics, caught up on my contacts and friends on facebook and tried to update and organize my portfolio something that I need to finish soon because my computer is 97 percent full.
        I also had some trouble with the state agency that pays my employees. One of them, Kristi, didn’t get paid last period due to a mistake made by the agency but they still didn’t want to make it right. Eric and I both called and sent emails for days until it was straightened out. She still received her pay a week late and missed two days of work because she wouldn’t take an advance from me. Why? I simply don’t know. I don’t think Kristi will ever be my friend as hard as I’ve tried I get the feeling she just doesn’t like me all that much. I’ve given up trying to get close to her and I feel bad about it but I suppose not everyone is going to like me, that’s just the way of the world.    

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  1. Please honey, keep in mind that you have 2 awesome friends who love you very much, Sharlene and myself.. You know that we would do pretty much anything for you without question and we both consider you a good friend whom we care about a lot. Even though I shouldn't speak for Shar, I know she feels the same way I do about you and Eric both. It really breaks my heart to see you two at odds so much of the time and I do try to make it a happy and fun time while I am there, no matter what kind of mood you may be in or what kind of issues I may have going on in my personal life. I know you get lonely and I just wanted you to know that you do have 2 dear friends who care very much about you! Keep your chin up baby!!! Love ya


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