Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I’ve been networking like crazy to try and jump start my modeling career. After finally remembering to register with Roll Models, I came across a disabled model, writer, and advocate who runs her own website where models, photographers, makeup artists, hair stylists and producers can join and hook up with each other to find work and work together ect. It’s called Model Mayhem and I added a link to my favorite websites if you want to check it out.
       The summer is going by so quickly. It seems the older you get the faster time goes by. Gone are the summers of my youth when each new day seemed to go on forever and time almost stood still. It makes me think of the days I laid on the dirty rug our front porch with my oldest sister Linda and she would ask me what age I’d like to be if I could be any age. And I answered I’d be the age I am right now sissy, nine years old, it seems like the perfect age to me.
       Alas, we can’t go backward in time but we can treasure those memories and in doing so be less inclined to waste time worrying, procrastinating, bickering and resenting. Eric bought me an outdoor chaise lounge just so I can lay on my belly and get my back tanned. When he makes these gestures it shows his love for me and in his next breath he may be ruing the day he met me. I don’t know what will become of our relationship; I just hope it gets better and closer. I’m a very lonely woman.
       I’m doing a photo shoot on Friday with Kristi as my makeup, hair and stylist and Michelle for consultation and Sharlene to help clean up. Since I’ve been stimulating my muscles, my body shape has changed back to more like it was before I got hurt. We will probably do some photos on my belly since my buttocks are one of the most affected areas and I’d like to see the improvement for myself. Then I will post the best shots on Model Mayhem as part of my portfolio.
       I’ve been busy advertising my blog to the newly injured on facebook as well. It feels as though I’m on the computer every waking moment of my life. I’m behind in all other areas especially making phone calls. I must do that tomorrow BEFORE getting sucked into something else. So if you can help me by telling an SCI victim about my blog I’d greatly appreciate it.
       Another way Eric and I want to help the newly injured SCI victim with a limited or fixed income is we are starting a program for getting a refurbished handicapped accessible laptop into their possession for little or no cost. We are calling the project “DisabiliKeys” and I am currently working on an application for approval into the program. Also, Eric will have a side project for repairing and/or updating computers and laptops for all the disabled at discounted rates. More on this soon.


  1. I love the program that you and Eric are creating, and the name is so catchy!


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