Friday, April 15, 2011

Vitamins, Herbs, and Supplements Part 3

Herbs & Supplements
          I have been taking herbs and supplements for at least ten years and have done extensive research into the study thereof. I would certainly consider myself a self-trained herbalist. I would rather use a natural remedy then some manmade chemicals with lots of side effects if at all possible. Here are the herbs I take every day and their benefits to the human body.
·       Fennel seed – 480mg
1.    breaks down into a phytoestrogen so it’s good for PMS, menopause and breast health
2.   good for dispelling stomach gas, reduces bloating caused by stomach disorders
3.   effective diuretic (water pill) therefore may be an effective blood pressure pill

·       L-Tyrosine – 500mg an amino acid – building blocks of protein – there are essential (ones you must get through your food) and non-essential (ones your body makes on its own) L-tyrosine is non-essential

1.    Stimulates metabolism
2.  Acts as a mood elevator
3.   Suppresses the appetite
4.   Helps to reduce body fat
5.  Has been used to help chronic fatigue, depression, narcolepsy, low sex drive, anxiety, allergies and headaches WOW!
AND THAT’S JUST ONE AMINO,I suggest a multi-amino acid formula for anyone who wants ultimate health.

·       Wild Yam Root – 405mg
1.    Helpful to your liver
2.   Good for your endocrine (glands) system
3.   Also used for menstrual distress and menopause

·       Saw palmetto – 450mg – this herb works by inhibiting the production of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in the human body.
1.     Treatment and preventative for urinary tract infections.
2.   Protects the prostate gland and studies have shown it even treats enlarged prostate!
3.   Helps with hair growth both growing it where you want by massaging the extract or oil into your scalp and reducing growth of unwanted hair
4.   Reduces acne
5.   Acts as a diuretic (water pill) therefore potentially lowering blood pressure
6.   Actually has an enlarging effect on women’s breasts

·       Fenugreek – 610mg
1.    Have antiviral properties and relieve cold symptoms
2.   Used successfully to relieve arthritis pain and stiffness
3.   Helps control diabetes
4.   Helps control  high cholesterol
5.   Increases production of breast milk in breast feeding mothers by 900%!
(to be continued)

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