Friday, April 15, 2011

Vitamins, Herbs, and Supplements Part 2

       I wanted to let you know that I get all my vitamins, herbs and supplements from Puritan’s Pride on line and have never had a bad experience with them.  If there is an herb you can’t through them, I’ll be sure to give you their web site. Now, to continue with my daily regimen of vitamins, herbs and supplements:
·      Vitamin C – 1000mgs – 5000mgs – it’s pretty hard to take too much vitamin C because is water soluble and your body just eliminates what it can’t use through your kidneys.  But I think anything over 5000mgs is excessive because you have diarrhea.  
1.   An excellent antioxidant
2.  Promotes a healthy immune system
3.   Natural antihistamine
4.   Actually shortens the duration of a cold
·      Calcium – 750 – 1500mg per day
1.   Should be taken with vitamin D to improve absorption
2.  Keeps bones strong especially if you have osteopenia or osteoporosis
3.  Prevents breast cancer in menopausal women
·      Vitamin D – 400 – 800 I.U. Daily
1.    Helps the body absorb calcium
2.   Strengthens the immune system
3.  Protects and strengthens bones
4.  Regulates neuromuscular function (we need this if we want our muscle stimulation to be its most productive)
·      Magnesium -  300 – 500mg daily
1.   Keeps you from getting constipated
2.  Regulates all bodily systems
3.   Helps calcium work better to strength bones
·      Zinc – 10 – 30mg daily
1.   Helps prevent, shortens duration, lessens symptoms of a cold
(to be continued)

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