Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Muscle Stimulation Part 1

  I would like to thank you for letting me go off in different direction in my last post and blow off a little steam and for not posting as often as I know should. It takes tremendous strength to be all business all the time and after all while being special, gifted, super intelligent and blessed with talent, I am after all only human and therefore flawed in small ways (gasp!). Okay, all jesting aside and thank you again for indulging me. I will talk at length about my physical therapy and muscle stimulation.
Each morning before I either shower or do my bowel routine, which I do on alternate days, I have my attendant get my two NMES machines and my (one) TENS unit and we stimulate 1 of 3 major muscle groups: my triceps and chest, my stomach and quadriceps (thighs), or my buttocks and calves (lower back of legs) or hamstrings (upper back of legs). I could actually use one more machine but the point is to use whatever you have and then get whatever you can. I’m seriously looking for a muscle stimulator with higher settings since doing some research I’ve discovered my NMES is not capable of generating enough energy to stim my trunk to its fullest potential. However, I started my muscle stimming routine with one TENS unit and it DID make a difference so please don’t give up if you don’t own or have access to a lot of equipment, it just takes longer to finish your routine with one machine. I PROMISE to have new pics for you A.S.A.P. I need new ones that show all three machines working at once. In the meantime use the photos I’ve already got posted of pad placement.  
Now I got my equipment from Allegra and I get my electrodes from tens products.com both on line companies with great customer service. Of course you can choose your own venders but remember to ALWAYS look at the customer feedback it will tell you everything. However, if you’d rather not go through the hassle of reading feedback for every company you research I have already done the shopping for you. Plus Allegra is selling the same model NMES machine I have for $80.00 off right now! That means you can get a $150.00 machine for 70 bucks. Not a bad deal, eh?
You will need 4 different sized electrodes in white foam. They are 2 x 2 square, 1.5 inch diameter round, 2 inch round, and 2 x 3 ½ rectangle. You do not need to get another size. My advice is to buy electrodes in multi packs to save money. When preparing the skin ALWAYS clean the skin with alcohol to ensure NOTHING not even skin cells get on the pads and take the stickiness out of them. I will be sure to give you proper pad placement in future posts. Then, you won’t be moving the pad around too much. Although, every human body is different and unique and you still may need to make some adjustments to get the best contractions.
(To be continued)

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