Friday, April 8, 2011

Muscle Stimulation Part 2

Once you find YOUR best placement take a photo and print on ordinary paper at the 5 x 7 size which will give you half a page of pad placement and plenty of space for future notes and observations. Keep a log of what muscle you stimmed, what kind of response you got AND any additional unique or outstanding bodily reflexes along with the date of course. I keep my muscle stimulation log in a thin three ring binder filled with clear plastic pages for my pad placement photo copies and lined paper to keep track of the dates, which muscle groups were stimmed and what kind of response we got from the electrical stimulation and any other notes that may be relevant.
If you have a TENS machine use the following settings:

·       Use in burst mode
·       Lots of energy 300 microseconds
·       High amplitude 40 MA

  If you have a NMES use these settings:

·       Ramp 2 secs
·       On time 30 secs
·       Off time 5 secs
·       Rate 120 hz
·       Width 300 microsecs

Remember before placing your pads make certain your skin is clean and dry. Also, if the area is very hairy it needs to be shaved. Lastly, using a solution of no more than 70 percent alcohol, treat the area with a cotton ball to remove deep oils and perspiration from your skin so it is pristinely clean. This will help to preserve your electrode pads from becoming non-sticky far too soon and save you a great deal of money and time.
I will attach some pad placement options for you whether you have one machine or two. Use these as a starting point and move the pads a little at a time until you hit YOUR optimum muscle contraction. I will be available for questions through my comments option, please feel free to use it. Unfortunately at this time I have no one available to scan my charts but I will have them for you tomorrow as early as possible. Please forgive me and thank you for your patience. 

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