Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Skin Care Part 4

        It is true, the sun is not very good for your skin but it is wonderful for your brain, body, and soul. The sun’s rays are absorbed through your skin and converted to vitamin D which helps your body’s immune system, hormone functions, and helps keep your bones and joints healthy. Plus, the white light from the sun’s rays helps reset your internal clock for better sleep, happier more productive days and the ability to fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer. It’s also the same kind of light prescribed by psychiatrists for SADD (seasonal affective depressive disorder) so it cheers you too. But the best asset about the sunshine on your skin is…it’s FREE! I believe everyone could benefit from a little sun bathing, unless of course you or someone in your immediate family has had a history of sun related cancer. Then by all means, protect yourself but still get a doctor approved white light lamp and sit in front of it shining on your face.
        Now I will divulge MY skin care ritual. Can I have a drum roll, please! Seriously though, I am that vain. It’s one of my biggest character defects but I simply can’t help it. And it’s gotten twice as bad since my injury because being relegated to the wheelchair used to make me feel invisible. I certainly never noticed people in wheelchairs when I was able bodied. But I digress once again so without further ado let’s begin…
·       I shower every other day so I use a facial cleanser (Oil of Olay PRO X or Regenerist Facial Scrubs) put on an exfoliating scubby pad and used all over my face and neck in circular motions. After shower I moisturize my face AND neck with Oil of Olay Pro X eye cream and day cream
·       On off days and every night I wash my face and neck with filtered hot water with a wash cloth and moisturize with Oil of Olay Pro X eye cream and either Pro X day or Regenerist Microsculpting cream for day and Pro X eye cream and night cream for night. Don’t forget your neck!
(to be continued)

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