Monday, March 28, 2011

Skin Care Part 3

After choosing a method of pressure release and weight shifting, and practicing it for a few days ask you three questions. “How does my skin look?”and “Are there any marks on me?” then “Should I call the doctor about this?” just remember what I told you in my last post, press down gently on the red area and if turns white it’s alright, if it stays red, call the doctor instead.
Now, let’s talk about skin care for the face. I will begin with healthy face care tips for all skin types and later talk about each type of skin and how to treat it, Let me tell you friends, I’m in my 40’s and I’ve had people guess low 30’s!  First, if you use soap on your face, STOP NOW! Only plain warm water, exfoliating scrub, or specific facial cleanser should EVER touch your skin!
If  you are a sun worshipper, such as myself, PLEASE use a cream or lotion that contains an SPF of 15 or greater on your face. Don’t think “oh well, now it’s late the damage is done.” Because any little bit of improvement to your skin is certainly better than none. Be careful, though, and pay particular attention to your face to be sure you’re not allergic to the sunscreen in the face cream you’re tanning with. Even if you tan easily and darkly as I do, you need to start to throw out the baby oil and iodine mixture and use nothing less than an SPF 2 AFTER you’v etablished a base tan. (about four 1 hour sessions in the sun using an SPF of 4)
(To be continued)

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