Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My Story Chapter 12 Part 4

        At the same time, I was under the hopes that things between Eric and me were getting better all the time. Twice more on a Sunday after Mary stayed overnight we had sex and one night it so beautiful and familiar it reminded of the lovemaking days of years gone by. Kristi had taken the time to dress me in stockings and a garter that we picked out together on one our shopping trips with good old Don. As Eric undressed for bed as usual he was pleasantly surprised by my efforts to seduce him. And by God it worked! He got in bed, laid on top of me, and kissed me passionately while rubbing his hands up and down my smooth stocking covered legs. Then he rolled me over on my side and didn’t just fuck me fast and furious like before as if he couldn’t wait to get it over with like it was just another dreaded task; but made love to me slowly, kissing every inch of exposed skin he could reach, tenderly rubbing my breast, talking to me about how good I felt inside, how tight I was, moving his hips faster, then slowing down again. Teasing me, touching me, loving me all the way to the crest of my release but then making me wait right there in sweet agonizing need and finally thrusting  fast and deep. As soon as he felt my vagina squeezing with my own orgasm he let his own go and we virtually came together. I could feel his ejaculate pumping inside me as my kegel muscles spasmed around his penis. He fell asleep still inside me spooning me and I was very happy to have him next me but not quite comfortable. Our fervent sex had left me uncovered and my lower body painfully twisted. I didn’t want to wake him so I tried unsuccessfully to relax and enjoy the closeness I so desperately missed. It worked for a short time but then the pain woke me up and I had no choice but wake Eric. He was glad I did however, since it was late and he wanted to get me into bed and go play his guitar for a little while so it worked out in the end …for a short time. ( to be continued)  

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