Saturday, October 8, 2011

Internet Safety Facebook The End

Face book seems pretty innocent, a great way to look up old friends and a surprisingly easy way to find new friends. It’s a good way to network, advertise and post links to ANYTHING. So let’s say, for example, you write a blog. Face book is a wonderful avenue for getting the word out. This is the reason I, after deleting my 1st account after having soo many personal problems, decided to open a new account. I decided from the start to have no more than 30 friends who actually read my blog and stayed in touch with me. I now have over 70 and only about 10 give me the time of day!

      Some people get so hooked they spend hours and hours on Face book every day; scanning You tube for joke, news, music and bizarre videos to upload to their page or the newsfeed so everyone can see them and comment on them. I know mothers who neglect their children, men who let their jobs suffer and children who break into their parents’ bank accounts because Face book has become more than a hobby or a tool. Some folks have turned their Face book life into something more important to them then their actual real lives. These people can actually start caring more about their internet families and friends than their own families. They are on face book on their phones or i Pods when away from their home computers. I have a friend who enjoys facebook so much she does this.

      When you’ve reached this point you have far surpassed a ordinary Face book user; you my friend have a serious addiction. Then there’s the “friend collector”. I’m sure you’ve been on your Face book page answering a friend request and seen the users with thousands of friends. 3000 friends; How in God’s name can you possibly keep in touch with that many people? Do these individuals have such a low self esteem that they need thousands of imaginary friends? At this point I believe a therapist is in order.

      In short, if you find you have a Face book addiction, please get help. A good psychologist can point you in the right direction. If any part of your “real” life is suffering because of your use; this is a signal that you have a problem. The first step to getting help is admitting it. I wish you luck and only good things.

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