Sunday, July 24, 2011

Relationships Part 3

        Most of us would say that we don’t want to grow old or die alone no matter how bitter love has left us. If we really want to a love that lasts, we need to look no further than inside ourselves first to find it. That is where the work must begin.
        If a previous relationship has made us anxious, bitter, confused, distrustful, frightened, ungrateful, hateful, indignant, jealous, lowly, malicious, negative, oppositional, petulant, quick-tempered, resentful, sad, timid, unwilling, vile and/or willful we have a bit self help work to do before considering getting involved with another person. How on earth could we possibly have a good, happy and healthy relationship with so much personal work needing done? I personally don’t believe it’s possible.
        Take as much time as it takes to get your head, heart and feelings into a healthier state. You will know when you are ready. Don’t hurry, hang out with your friends, let your closest      friends only know what you are doing and let them help. They will likely understand and if they don’t, they may have been part of the problem from the very beginning. You may actually have to cut some of your friends loose because they may be keeping you sick and keeping you in sick relationships. They don’t mean to mind you; it’s just that it’s the way they run their own relationships. Simply quietly, slowly, slip away. Stop calling, emailing, and texting and take them off your facebook. Say you’re very busy on a doctor’s ordered meditation plan that unfortunately can’t include them.
(to be continued)

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