Sunday, July 3, 2011

Dreams - The DisabiliKeys Project

       I’ve left a permanent note in right side bar of my blog explaining what Eric and I are trying to do. To be perfectly honest, the idea was Eric’s because he wanted to show his gratitude for my continued good health by helping the disadvantaged, low income or fixed income individual with a disability get a laptop computer that they can have modified to their needs into their possession. Especially if they are in a nursing facility or group home living arrangement where abuse or neglect is a possibility and they then would have a link to the outside world for help. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen him as passionate about anything as he is about this.
       There would be no cost to right person and Eric has 20 years experience fixing, updating and upgrading computers. Since we are just starting out we would be relying solely on donations of money, old laptop whether they are working or not, and computer or laptop parts. We are NOT YET a charitable foundation so all donations would be gifts so they would not be tax deductable and we would even send packaging prepaid to ship your donation/gift to us.
       I’m working on an application for enrollment but until I’m finished (within this week) PLEASE spread the word and nominate anyone you feel will benefit by leaving their name and a contact email address or phone number in my comment box.
       Remember, the individual should be in great financial need and have a disability. We will have a form to be signed by a doctor, nurse, or physical therapist stating the individual is truly disabled and an application about finances and personal likes and dislikes in case we happen to have some software and music that person might like to get them started.  
       Finally, on donations, any and all old worn out, broken and seemingly useless computers accepted along with monetary gifts will be greatly appreciated. As mentioned earlier we will send a call tag for postage on your outdated equipment. I realize it seems unlikely for someone to be doing something simply to help others but that’s what we’re doing. We feel blessed and we want to give some back … that’s how karma works, that’s how we work and I hope my friends that’s how you work.
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  1. What an awesome idea. And the picture of Eric is absolutely hilarious!!! :D


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