Saturday, July 2, 2011

Dreams Part 1

        I believe it’s important to keep your dreams alive and strive to realize their fruition until it’s just not feasible to do so any longer. I won’t make excuses for not posting for so long , nor will I apologize. I will simply tell you that I’ve been fervently chasing a dream and that has been consuming my time but hopefully not my judgment.
        If were only 20 years younger, if I hadn’t gotten sick and gained and lost all that weight thus wrecking havoc on my skin, if only I wouldn’t have had that last tracheotomy, leaving that big scar, if only my stomach didn’t swell, if only, I had money then I could look any way I want. If only …I wasn’t wallowing in vanity and self doubt. I’ve either got to follow through or choose to do something else with my time. Besides, I have until I’m fifty years old and I always lie about my age. On this Model Mayhem I’m 39 years old and that’s okay as long as I can look 39, and I do so it’s cool. However, I still can’t escape the icy fingers of old age trying desperately to creep around my neck. Sometimes it’s haunting.
        Anyway, I’m a little down because it’s already July and Independence Day unofficially marks the halfway point of summer. I just wish Eric and I did something other than sit at home arguing most of the time. That’s honestly, one of the reasons I haven’t gotten a blog written. But I did want to leave you with a positive thought.
        Dreams, whatever yours may be, should not be given up on no matter your disability or your status in life. They should not be put aside for lack of wealth or beauty, or because of anyone else’s doubts, slurs or attempts to keep you in their box. Be strong, work hard, and believe it to achieve it. Dream your dream and do everything in your power to reach that pinnacle.    

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