Sunday, April 17, 2011

My Tailbone Problem

        Normally I wouldn’t address a question put forth by an anonymous commenter but I’ve decided that just because some folks would rather post privately doesn’t always mean they are reading my blog because they have a sick twisted fetish. At least I’m hoping none of my followers fall into this category but unfortunately some most likely do.
I’ve had to learn a lot of new things since my accident, breaking my neck, and becoming paralyzed from the chest down. But I never thought for the life me that there were men out there who got off on my and other women’s disabilities. I realize it’s sick and twisted world in which we survive but this was truly over the top for me. And I would consider myself extremely worldly having seen and done it all at least once. However, this kind of creepy hang-up sends waves of disgust through me and makes me want to vomit into my mouth.
Anywho, to answer anonymous’ question about my tailbone “callous”. While I was hospitalized the last time, I was left with a bedsore so deep on my tailbone it was nearly down to the bone. After months of Eric’s tender loving care the sore finally healed but never completely. I was left with a small hard lump right on top of my coccyx that looks and feels like a tiny callous. We believe it’s my body’s way of protecting itself because every time we finally get rid of the hard build up of skin it develops again. Does that sufficiently answer your question anonymous?  If  anyone has any question about any posts please email me, thank you friends and goodnight.  

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