Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My Mission Part 2

       At any rate,, I never thought my best friend in this world at that time would have stopped the man I considered to be my husband in the very next room to where the contractors were building me a shower, get on her knees, unzip his pants and suck his penis with the workers only feet away and me still recovering from my 6 week hospital stay in the adjacent room.
       Another thing I would have definitely changed would be all personal care would have been done by a caregiver NOT by my fiancée. Now for Eric and me our hands were pretty much tied on this issue when I first arrived home because there was no other caregiver. Only Eric, he had to do everything including work nights to try and bring some money into the household. Even though upon leaving rehab we were told that all our help and services were in place this was not the case. So two very bad habits came out of this bureaucratic blunder. One was I got spoiled by Eric’s perfectionist’s care and he didn’t trust anyone to care for me as good as he did. So the circle went round and round until he had done and seen so much, too much to look at me as a lover anymore. Very sad indeed.
(to be continued)   

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