Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Small Things

Well, it seems safe to say that summer in Pennsylvania has finally arrived and I, for one, am loving every minute of it. That is another lesson I learned since being injured; to appreciate the small things and be grateful for every moment I feel healthy and mentally fit. It wasn’t so very long ago that morning were the worst part of the day for me; when waking up was a disappointing, frightening and overwhelming experience so intense that I faced each new day wishing, if only for a moment, that I had not awakened at all.
Thankfully, I have not awoke with this attitude for quite some time. I’m still not a morning person, it takes me about three hours to shake all the cobwebs out of my head and I wake up stiff and achy and probably in the most pain of the day. But with the help of my attendants who take care of my stiffness by doing my range of motion exercises and give me morning medications which contain both pain and anti-spasmotic medications my pain begins to feel better.  Mornings certainly are the busiest part of the day and the only issue I take with the way things are done is that we start too late. My morning girl comes in at 9:30am.
At any rate, I’ve been looking the small things, the small triumphs, the small gains, the small steps forward, the small kindnesses and the small victories for they all add up. At first it seems like you’re not gaining anything or going anywhere but then they start to add up and you can see the progress in your life or that you’ve made to your life. Always remember to consider and be thankful for the little things…you could be missing a lot to be grateful for and make yourself feel more confident, have a better outlook and self image.  

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