Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Skin Care Part 1

       Please let me tell you how I keep my skin so healthy and youthful appearing. I never reveal my true age, even on this blog.
But seriously, all quadriplegics and paraplegics must be concerned and vigilant about their skin. Bedsores and skin breakdown can happen in matter of hours, but takes weeks or as long as months to heal. It’s especially important if you can’t roll yourself over onto your side or stomach.  Like me, my injury is so high in my neck ( c- 6 complete) , which means my spinal cord is severed a the 6th cervical (neck) vertebrae,  that the triceps muscles in my arms are very weak and I am unable to roll myself over or sit up. So I used to have Eric come in and turn me on my side about 4am every morning but it was uncomfortable, my shoulder, hip and elbow got extremely sore, and it was another break in Eric’s sleep. But I finally came up with a solution.
       Although I already sleep on a craftmatic mattress, I added an air topper so I wouldn’t need to be moved during the night. This not only saves my joints but saves Eric precious sleep time.
( to be continued)

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  1. I REALLY and seriously wish I had taken care of my skin when I was younger. I am a little younger than you, yet you look like you could be in your early 30s! I, on the other hand, am definitely looking my age! Your skin care routine for your face is so simple and works so well! I would like to start it, yet I feel it is too late! Here's a big thumbs up to your youthful appearance! :) Love ya!!


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