Thursday, March 17, 2011

Catheter Change Part 2

Inserting your fresh catheter
1.  Test the new catheter for imperfections such as holes, tears or bubbles. Just use the syringe and inject a little saline into it to inflate the bubble so that you can see what condition the bulb is in. Be sure to aspirate the saline back into the syringe.
2.  Next, open the packet of suri-lube and squirt it in the bottom of the empty tray. Roll the end of the catheter that will be inserted into the bladder in the lube, coating the tip generously.
3.  Gently feed the tube into the catheter opening until you feel it “pop” through the bladder, then only push it in another ¼ “ or so.
4.  Use the prefilled syringe to inflate the bulb with 8-10cc’s of saline depending on your comfort. ( I get lots of bladder spasms so I only use 8 cc’s)
5.  Open your irrigation kit and fill irrigating bottle with body temperature water. Pull up large syringe full of water and fill bladder using open end of catheter and let drain into tray. Repeat once or twice more depending on how much residue is in the bladder.
6.  Use alcohol pad to clean betadine solution off the belly.
7.  Attach whatever type and size bag you wish to wear.
8.  Dress catheter opening as described earlier if you wish.
As I stated earlier, a well trained spouse, attendant or caregiver can do this procedure properly, cleanly, and expeditiously. As a matter of fact, I recently had my five year cystiscope exam and the results were so good that my urologist told me I need not come in once a year which is the norm but my catheter care was so outstanding and my bladder so healthy I didn’t need to be seen for two years!

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