Sunday, January 2, 2011

My Story Chapter Ten Part 2

        I found myself walking down a deserted but somehow familiar sidewalk, dressed to the teeth with all my makeup applied and jewelry on all done by my own working hands. I looked down at them and relished in fact that I could open, close and lift my freshly manicured fingers and hands in any way I willed. I reached up and fondled my large hoop earrings and stretched my arms far above my head for the first time in years. I looked down at my feet and marveled at the gorgeous high heels. I  bent down to touch my freshly polished toes, ran my hands up along my working legs now covered in stockings, I pulled my mini skirt down and adjusted my belt. Just then I caught a glimpse of myself in store front window. There I stood 5’ 6” tall, probably 5’ 10” in my shoes, I opened my jean jacket with faux fur collar and sleeves and I had my breasts again! A full B going on a small C cup not the  A cup I wear now. I couldn’t resist running my hands over them at least once.   
But suddenly my attention was drawn by the sounds of other young women talking excitedly outside of a block building. Wondering what the fuss was about I sauntered over and began nonchalantly chatting with the group covertly eyeing each and every one them as we shot the breeze in the considerably chilly spring morning. From what the ladies were saying, they were waiting in line to enter a very exclusive party which took place in a huge castle and concluded in one lucky female spending some time with the mysterious, dangerous, exciting, wizardly, host and culminating in a ritual that in some magical way involved sex and drugs in one neat tiny package. I could not resist the temptation and heart pounding loudly in my ears I managed to traverse what turned out to be a difficult maze and entered the building’s reception area and waited to see whether or not I’d be selected to enter the castle. (To be continued)
           28 years Bold and ready to party!       

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