Monday, May 14, 2012

Happy Mother's Day/ Time Goes By Part 1

          Well, another Sunday has gone by and it’s Mother’s Day but not a word from my son who turns 30 years old tomorrow. Where does the time go? It slips through our fingers just like flower seeds in the spring and is as fleeting as their tender blossoms in the harsh noonday sun. It is something we take for granted, complain about, sleep away, wait endlessly, procrastinate on the most important decisions and waste it more ways than the four winds blow.

         When I was a child, summers seemed to last forever. That’s because as children we filled every second of the day with interactive play, games of rough and tumble, our first real friendships and talk of dreams of our biggest lifetime plans. There were no game boys, x-boxes and computers to waste our precious youth on. From the minute the sun rose and we opened our sleepy but curious eyes, my sister and I were already playing and making our childish, innocent plans to fill the day. Hurrying our breakfast to get outside in the warm summer sun’s rays and create make believe villages out of used, discarded refrigerator and washing machine boxes. Or we’d just walk a miles to local candy store to spend our allowances on pop and penny candy.

(to be continued)

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