Wednesday, May 9, 2012

          Diet is also important for healthy, glowing, clear and younger looking skin. I’m not talking about a weight loss diet but you may find yourself a little slimmer from taking these tips. Anyone who follows a healthy diet or even practices a few easy changes and habits to the way they eat will notice the overall mind and body health benefits from these suggestions.

          There are 7 simple steps to follow when you want to get healthy and thereby have healthy, glowing and clear skin.

1.     Drink water – 8-10 ten oz. glasses a day.

2.   Don’t drink alcohol – it’s mostly sugar and poison.

3.   Don’t eat fast or prepackaged food – too much fat, salt and preservatives = bad skin.

4.   Don’t add salt to food before you eat – there’s already enough in it naturally.

5.   Don’t add sugar to drinks or food – sugar is devastating to your skin.

6.   Exercise daily – use what muscles you have.

7.    Make sure you do your facial exercises.

This list should not only give you beautiful skin, but you just may find yourself a few pounds lighter.

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