Sunday, March 11, 2012

Addiction and Alcoholism in the SCI

        Alcoholism and Addiction among the spinal injured are problems that can’t and shouldn’t be ignored. There is so much depression, despair, anxiety and pain after an injury it isn’t difficult to turn to alcohol and/or abuse prescribed medications. This is especially true if the victim of the SCI has a history, predisposition or genetic makeup for addiction.

        Before I was injured, I had a very troubled childhood that included an alcoholic father and an extremely codependent mother who after divorcing my father for raping my older half sister, raised the 5 of us in an atmosphere of guilt and shame. Although my father beat her mercilessly and kidnapped me at age 3 ½ for 3 weeks and molested me before my mother could find me, she never hit us. She controlled our behavior instead with guilt trips and shame based innuendo. My mother nor I never knew I had been sexually abused until I was in was therapy 3 years for severe depression, anxiety and advanced alcoholism.

        I began therapy after my drinking started affected my work and career at age 28. I entered an intensive outpatient treatment program called a “partial program” because I attended 4 days a week 4 hours a day. They offered one on one, group, occupational and a special “feelings” therapy.

(to be continued)

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