Saturday, February 18, 2012


         I’m sorry I haven’t been on in awhile but I’ve been very ill. I had a temperature of 103 degrees, blood pressure of 70/40 and pulse of 153. I had it 83 degrees in my room, was wearing my warm pajamas, shivering and shaking uncontrolabllly and was still so cold it was if I was out in 10 below weather. I was hospitalized for 2 weeks. I had unexplained blood poisoning. I’m home now but still not myself. I can’t keep my bp up without medication and I’m nauseated after I eat. I’m worried about my health.

         So please forgive my short post and how late it is. I will tell you things have settled down somewhat around here although there is still cause for concern and worry. But if I can keep close watch things, especially Eric, and exercise some self control, I may be able get to through this unscathed…we’ll see.

         I don’t know if I told you I got new a kitty! His name is Frodo and he is a 10 week old tabby with wonderful playful, affection and rambunctious personality. When my Cochise, my 16 year old year tabby died 1 ½ ago, I never thought I’d get over it and it took me this long to replace him. My 2 other boys are pretty upset though. 12 year Bilbo and 10 year old Jasper absolutely won’t accept him yet and we’ve had him for 2 weeks now. Oh well, hopefully they’ll eventually warm up to him.

         Well friends, I’m still feeling under the weather so I’m gonna go but I promise to talk to you sooner than I have been. You all have a goodnight and good day!


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