Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Childhood Trauma Part 5

The most tragic result of what happens as a result of childhood trauma is the abused or neglected child becomes an abuser him or herself. A vicious cycle is now in place, a new family tradition. Sometimes this goes on for generations and becomes so ingrained it seems normal to them.  

          I know a family who lives nearby where there the father raped his own daughter and got her pregnant. She gave birth to her in son but always called him and treated him like a brother because her mother stepped in and insisted. He grew up to be a child molester and she went insane. They wander around the neighborhood trying to make friends with people but they are stigmatized by their past and choices in life. Choices certainly made as a direct result of their horrendous childhoods.

          Now granted, these two stories are definitely not the norm but if you really think about it many people have suffered some type of childhood trauma and must resolve it no matter how late in life.

          I’ve already discussed keeping a journal, writing you’re your story and expressing all your feelings on paper. But this is not enough. You must share this painful information with a professional, a group set up just for this type thing or a trusted friend. The worst thing we can do is keep this information buried even if we were conditioned to do so. I had to do it even though it took me 30 years and finally I was able to begin healing. It took a long time and lot of work and I think it depends on what kind trauma, how long it lasts and the type of personality you have to begin with. But no one is superman or wonder woman and we all need help getting past these personal hells. Good luck to all who must take this step.

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