Friday, February 24, 2012

Childhood Trauma Part 4

Maybe you are perfectly happy and satisfied with your life and somehow you were able to put your childhood trauma behind you. If so, you are one of the few individuals who was able to get through it with sheer determination to do so.

         Some grow up having been conditioned to never talk about it. I know a woman who was brutally sexually abused by her step father and mercilessly beaten and terribly psychologically abused by her step mother. Her half sister who briefly befriended her ended up turning on her as well. After this poor girl was being forced into unspeakable sexual acts, which often included her brother, since age 12, her half sister finally found out and was mortified. Thinking she was helping her adopted sister, she told her mother what was happening. The woman’s mother blamed the helpless teenager and took to calling her “the little whore”. This traumatized woman left home as soon as she graduated high school and married a violent, angry man who beat her and further stripped her of what little self esteem she had left. She is now living with a former heroine abuser who has been in a methadone clinic for almost 10 years and has hepatitis C. a deadly liver virus that IS sexually transmitted. This man does not work, controls her every movement, is extraordinarily self centered and selfish and she works 52 hours a week to support them. How much self esteem, worth, image and confidence can she possibly have to put herself in these types of relations?  

(to be continued)

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