Sunday, December 4, 2011

model mayhem 2

         Have you ever posted a thread on a forum on website you are a member of? Well, I’ve done that on model mayhem and the thread has been going since November 19th. It’s so much fun to get so many responses from people and get to look to at so many portfolios and have that many chances to find gems of inspiration, diamonds in the rough to get ideas from and gold medal examples of great makeup ideas. Plus, there’s the fringe benefit of getting those comments on my pictures and even a list or two and last but certainly not least new friends, acquaintances and possible people to work with.

         Yes, I’ve been hanging out on model mayhem quite a bit; every time I turn my computer on I go there first. It seems I’ve become addicted to the website and to the dream of a becoming a model. There are other things I need to do. Try not to get yourself hooked on one site unless it’s something healthy. If you want to check out my portfolio, go to   

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  1. you dont need to dream of it you are a great model


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