Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Muscle Stim and Meditation Update Part 2

      I can also hold my tummy muscles in which is slightly visible to the naked eye and we finally found chest placement that actually moves my breasts upward and inward! Something that had us stumped for 5 months! While stimming my chest we always stimulate my triceps to try and build the muscle in back of my arm. Even though most of this muscle is paralyzed, there is a tiny bit that still works. We’re desperately trying to “wake up” my triceps muscles so that I can exercise them back to strength. Having working triceps is the difference between my having to use a power chair or a manual chair, being transferred or being able to transfer myself, sit in regular furniture and even take a ride a in car. I’m getting a manual anyway just so I can be more mobile. I haven’t really been looking quite yet, there are a few other items I want to get first.

      I need a new shower chair and I want to use my Accessabilities grant money to buy a walk in hot tub for two. They’re not really made for two but two will fit. I’m hoping to have company in the bath. But back to muscle stimulation. As I mentioned earlier we’ve been stimming the muscles in my legs. So now I can flex my thigh strong enough for someone else to feel it. I can also move my feet a little and I attribute that to electrical stimulation of my lower legs and calves. I’m also looking for a new, stronger muscle stimulator called a “matrix”. They are quite expensive but I keep my eyes open on ebay and other sites.

(To be continued)

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