Sunday, October 30, 2011

Muscle Stim and Meditation Update

      I thought I’d give you an update on my daily muscle stimulation and nightly muscle meditation since I’m gaining more and more movement as time goes by. Now, instead of just a slight movement of my big toe, I can spread my toes open and wiggle that big toe side to side or up and down. I can even move my foot a little now. I also can visibly flex the muscles in my buttocks and hold my sphincter closed when I have to move my bowels and I’m waiting for Eric to put me on the potty chair.

      We’re still doing the same muscle stimming routine except we’ve added my arms and legs into the rotation. We started the new rotation shortly after the last time I posted about this which was about 6 months ago. We also had to alter the placement of the pads as my muscles tightened. I have attached photos so you can see the difference in my muscles.

(to be continued)


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