Friday, September 16, 2011

Visit Me

You should check out my portfolio on model mayhem. There’s a link listed under ‘’ cool sites’’ on the right side of my blog. Once you're on the site, click "browse" and type in my mm name. I really would appreciate the support. My modeling alias is Loria Harrison. If you take the time to read my profile, you will see that I mention how important my blog and its followers are to me. Although I must admit that the reason I haven’t been posting on a regular basis is because I’m often on model mayhem.
      The website is not just for models but a place for photographers, stylists, make up artists and retouchers and digital artists. Lots of you could network there.

       I’ve done lots of shoots but Eric won’t let me meet with another photographer to do a photo shoot. He acts as if he’s jealous. But I should be building my portfolio with professional shooters. Eric tries very hard but he just doesn’t know how to use his camera to the fullest nor does he have the time to edit them properly. So I d my best to make the pictures look good and not using shots because I can’t use Photoshop.

       So please show your support and log onto model mayhem. Go to the homepage and look me up. I’d be much obliged. Thank you friends and goodnight.

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