Thursday, September 15, 2011

Letting Go of Resentments P.S.

        There was something important I left out of ‘’letting go of resentments’’ I’d like to discuss with you now. When we are dealing with deep seated, traumatic and sometimes even repressed resentments, there are usually a lot of mixed emotions attached. However, the one emotion that encompasses many of our feelings is plain and simple anger. Once you start peeling the layers of the onion away under all that pain, fear, sadness, anxiety and angst is pure and simple anger. Before you can let go of these types of resentments you must recognize that you’re angry, identify who it is you are angry with and tell yourself it’s okay to be angry at them.

        Some of us have had more trauma then others but the healing process is still the same. Allow yourself to get mad then do whatever it takes to get it out of your system. Scream, cry, curse, write down everything you feel resentful about that particular person. You’re probably going to have mixed feelings about letting your anger out because the person you hold the resentment against is someone you also loved. But once you get past this step you’re bound to feel better.

        There’s no law that says you have forgive and forget as well. All you really must do come to terms with it, file it under your accomplishments. By coming to terms simply means you can think about that person or situation without so much pain or anger.

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