Thursday, September 1, 2011

Letting Go of Resentments Part 2

          You don’t have to forgive and forget to let go of resentment. I’ve still never forgiven Eric or Nicole for what they put me through. But I have let go as much as I can of the hatred I feel for Nicole and the backstabbing given me by Eric because of my beliefs. Each of us has type of religious or philosophical belief system. And the first step to letting go of resentment is to pray for the person you harbor the resentment towards. Pray that they receive every blessing that you would like to have. Over time you will find your resentment fading away, especially if you hold to the philosophy I do which is the good old karmic ideal that what comes around goes around and suddenly out of the blue, they get theirs. Well, Nicole got her just desserts and Eric suffers more each passing day. So although I’ll never forgive and forget, I DO feel vindicated. When I think of Nicole being arrested and losing her children and watching Eric suffer for what he has done to my heart and soul.

          I suppose it would be healthier to put it behind me and forgive Eric but if I’m to be perfectly honest with you, my friends, I haven’t been able to do that yet. However, I’m still trying and haven’t given up on the prospect and I won’t until my goal is reached. So at least I’m still working at it. He doesn’t make it easy sometime, either.

(to be continued)

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